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The Nields Fan Club

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

2:29PM - new Nields baby

Congratulations to Nerissa Nields and Tom Duffy on the birth of their second child, John Patrick Nields-Duffy, or Johnny for short!

Monday, December 3, 2007

11:09AM - The Nields concert, 11/30

I got to see the Nields perform at Club Passim this Friday night. It was the first time I'd seen them in months, and they were as amazing as ever. I'd almost forgotten how beautiful and lively and funny and entertaining they can be! I can't exactly say that I was Nields-deprieved, because I have been talking to Nerissa every two weeks (she is my writing coach). Still, it was great to see the two of them perform a live concert again. There's really nothing quite like seeing them live. Not only do they have great voices, but their charisma, stage presence, and hilarious banter absolutely make them one of the best live acts that I've ever seen.
Here's what they played:

Clean Heart
Merry Christmas Mr. Jones
Endless Day
Abington Sea Fair
That's My Ship
Ain't That Good News
We'll Plant an Oak
Christmas Carol
This Train
Leave That Trouble Alone
Soldier at Your Door (w/ Old Man story)
The Shortest Day
Easy People (finger-picked)
When I'm Here
The Harvest Table (encore, off-mike from near the back)

Some of the funny things they said during the show:

KATRYNA: Did you that Chris Chandler is going to be performing here soon?
NERISSA: Yes! I saw the sign in the bathroom!

KATRYNA: I'm just a tiny sprout. I'm not the whole tree.

KATRYNA: (introducing "This Train") My children often ask me if there really is a train like the one in this song, and tell I them, "Yes, there is. It's called the T."

NERISSA: After the show, you can sign up to be added to our e-mail list. I promise that we won't sell your address to any other lists. Well, except for the one for penis enlargment!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

2:26PM - Nerissa's workshop

So....I am going to Nerissa's workshop on the first weekend of May! Will any of you be there, too? I'm very excited and looking forward to it!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

11:23AM - let's get talking...

Welcome to all the new members of this community, and hello again if you've been here for a long time.  I thought I'd try to generate some conversation on this message board by opening up a discussion. 
What do you think the song "39 Orange Street" is about?  I'm curious to know what your ideas and thoughts are

The lyrics are under the cut, copied and pasted from www.nields.comCollapse )

Monday, September 18, 2006

11:32AM - Greetings from your new mod

Hello Nields fans,

I just wanted to let you know that I am the new mod of this community.  It seems as though this community has become rather quiet lately, so I am hoping that it will become more active under my mod-dom. (Ok, that sounds like the name of a Middle Eastern city. But I digress.) 

Nields news....Collapse )

As far is this community is concerned, please post here and don't be shy!  This community, in fact, was the very reason why I joined LJ in the first place, so I've been kind of disappointed to see it become so inactive. Now that I am the mod, I'm hoping that I can inspire all of you to make frequent use of it!  Feel free to post reviews and photos about recent Nields shows you have attended,  comments about Nerissa's workshops,  your reactions to Nields CD's and writings of Nerissa's, or anything else that is Nields related.

Just a few rules to keep this a fun place for all:Collapse )

Wednesday, November 9, 2005


Hey Nields fans, take this quiz I made!


Wednesday, June 1, 2005

4:00PM - quiz

Here's a fun quiz I created!

Which folk festival should you attend this summer?

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Wednesday, December 22, 2004

12:32PM - dar & nields

I made a new station on LAUNCHcast at Yahoo especially for fans of Dar Williams and Nerissa & Katryna Nields. The ID is: darnields.


Current mood: creative

Monday, November 29, 2004

10:41AM - new baby!

Congratulations to Katryna & Dave on the birth of their second child, William!

Friday, November 5, 2004

9:14AM - Nields blog

Some of you wanted to know how to link Nerissa's blog to your LJ, so I thought I'd post the link here:


Current mood: hanging on

Monday, November 1, 2004

9:39AM - Writing Workshop?

Okay, I remember someone here saying that they attended Nerissa's last writing retreat weekend thing. Well, I'm attending the one this weekend, and I was just wondering how you knew where to go and what time and everything. Did she send you an email? Something through snail mail? Anything?

Current mood: curious

Thursday, September 23, 2004

11:11AM - well, how about that?

So, I see Nerissa & Katryna have created a BLOG. Damn, why couldn't they have used LJ instead so we could all "friend" them?

Current mood: mellow

Saturday, September 18, 2004

9:42AM - Hi all...

Well, I joined a few weeks ago, but I never posted and then kind of forgot I was a member here for a while XD (I don't use LJ much anymore) but anyway, I'm Hanna, I've seen Nerissa & Katryna twice in concert (at the iron horse) and as soon as I can get off my lazy bum and call for tickets, it will be three times this october. I don't live in NoHo, but I've got friends from there who introduced me to the Nields and the Iron Horse, and OMG I just fell in love with it all! I go to school up here in western mass. so I actually run into lots of fans too, and I even won my dad over by playing "Love & China" and "This Town is Wrong" so often. I'm not sure how much I'll stop by here, since I'm just sort of growing away from LJ (and am being harassed by an anonoymus poster from my school and am too lazy to remember to block non-friend posts and do friends only entries) but I'll be around!;)

Current mood: cheerful

Friday, September 17, 2004

11:09AM - exciting news!

Guess what! I just read in the latest Nields newsletter that Nerissa is getting married! I am SO happy for her!

Current mood: happy

Friday, August 27, 2004

12:10PM - Nields quiz!

Hey Nields fans! I've created a new quiz! Click on the link below to find out if you are Nerissa or Katryna!



Current mood: creative

Sunday, August 22, 2004


Hey everyone, I'm new here... My name's Alissa. I was introduced to The Nields' music by my mom (she saw them at Falcon Ridge before I started going) aaaand last fall I took songwriting workshops at Nerissa's house. So yeah, she's a friend of mine (which I still can't get over how cool that is. At the workshop stage this year at FRFF when they played Tailspin? yeah, I requested that. heehee.). I guess that's all, I just wanted to join this community cause I'm a big fan of Nerissa and Katryna. I try to get all my friends into their music, so far pretty successfully.

So a few weeks ago I went to the concert at Club Passim... I think it was July 29th. And it was AWESOME and Robert Reich was there, which surprised me a lot... I should've known it'd probably be a very political concert, but I did a very silly thing and chose THAT concert to bring a republican friend of mine to. WHOOPS. I was embarrassed.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

11:13AM - FYI

I just went onto www.nields.com and I discovered that "Songs for Amelia" is now available online! I ordered it right away & I can't wait to hear it!  Now I can play it for my little niece, Alexis. I'll just change the name and sing to her, "Alexis plays in the dirt with Bert......"

Current mood: happy

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

11:42AM - Nerissa the writing teacher

A few photos from Nerissa's workshopCollapse )

Monday, August 9, 2004


Nerissa's writing workshop was AMAZING. She is a very inspiring workshop leader and I think we all wrote more & better things than we expected to. And we got to hear several excerpts from her novel-in-progress, The Big Idea -- it's very good! Her writing skills are clearly not genre-bound.

And we had a singalong in her living room... "Ziggy Stardust" and "Me & Bobby McGee" among others. It was very much fun. I highly recommend her workshops to anyone who can get to Northampton, Mass.!

Current mood: chipper

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